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Pick Of The Week: Pure Love

THE FORMER Gallows frontman once told us to crack our fucking knuckles and straighten our spines, but now the message has changed and it’s all about just having fun…

Frank Turner perfroming with his former band - Gallows. Picture by Mark Kidsley http://www.flickr.com/photos/markkidsley

Frank Turner perfroming with his former band - Gallows. Picture by Mark Kidsley http://www.flickr.com/photos/markkidsley/

Bring The Music’s Pick of the Week is the love child of former Hope Conspiracy guitarist, Jim Carroll, and ex Gallows singer, Frank Carter.

Proud friends, family and fans, I introduce you to Pure Love.

For those of you that know of Frank Carter, he’s probably one of the most exciting frontmen to watch.

However, it’s a quality that can’t be pidgeon-holed.

Is it his foot stomping and head banging? His non-chalent demenour? Or the fact he has bright ginger hair?

Who knows?

But what I do know is that he has carried his poignant frontman skills over to Pure Love.

Pure Love was unveiled to the world on Valentine’s Day and was the debut gig for the newly formed band. Expectations were undoubtedly very high, but for all you fans expecting raw passionate screams layered with heavy punk riffs, I’m afraid you’ll be left disappointed.

This isn’t a continuation project from Gallows, but instead a fresh new discovery which will soon have rock ‘n’ roll lovers from everywhere wanting a piece of Pure Love.

Here is them performing at the Bush Hall in London:

Frank Carter in a suit? Singing? No anger or violence in his voice?

Yes, you did just see that. It wasn’t all an illusion.

His suit juxtaposed with tattoos poking out of every bit of uncovered skin was a sight fans will not have been used to.

As a big Gallows fan I was initially disappointed not to hear the energetic and pumped up music that I once moshed to. But after listening to how well constructed and more mature the songs were, I started to really appreciate Pure Love.

It also shows how much Frank has grown as a musician. Stating that he left the Gallows because it was “young man’s music.”

Here is In The Belly Of A Shark by Gallows:

Bring The Music’s Verdict

From two hardcore punk bands I wouldn’t have expected something like Pure Love.

You’d think if two punk artists combined the music would be even more aggressive and violent than ever.

But no. Pure Love have gone in the exact opposite direction and have calmed the tempo and softened the lyrics to create some really fantastic rock ‘n’ roll music.

Although Gallows were a fantastic band that brought a new and fresh direction for British hardcore punk music, we shouldn’t dwell on their death but instead come together to praise what Frank Carter and Jim Carroll have created.


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